Steve York: Performance Coaching with 3Speed

I had been participating in sprint triathlons for a few years before I decided to join 3Speed as I wanted to take the next step with my racing and improve my results. Working full time with a young family I also wanted to ensure that I was making the most out of my time spent training. Signing up for a 3Speed Performance Coaching Package provided me with the training plan and coaching guidance I required and also gave me the confidence to know that what I was doing was going to bring the results I needed to achieve my goals. Through consistent training based on a specific plan I was able to see a steady increase in my performance (even when dealing with minor injury setbacks) and work towards achieving the goals we had set over the past 2 seasons.

My swimming times have come down as a result of both technique correction and specific training sessions which have ultimately given me a huge boost in confidence when lining up on the start line. My cycling has also improved vastly and I'm now where I want to be with my bike splits. This is as a result of a solid training platform consisting of an off season build, strength sessions both on and off the bike and important race simulations. My running has always been my achilles heel and is probably still my weakest leg. But, in saying that, since working with 3Speed I've PB'd every run distance by a long way and my avg' pace has continued to fall, especially off the bike!

I, like most triathletes, already had the motivation and desire to train before deciding to engage a coach and make the commitment (both financially and personally) to go down this path. But without the knowledge, support and guidance that 3Speed has given me, I would not have been able to achieve my triathlon goals. Joining 3Speed is not just about an online training program... It's about joining a tight nit group of like minded coaches/athletes with a passion for triathlon and multi-sport who for me, have ultimately become life long friends which is probably the best part!