Online Nutrition Plans

3Speed has a large range of online nutrition plans to suit all types of diets and dietary requirements!


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Purchasing a 3Speed nutrition plan allows you to stick to a structured eating plan at a low price point with the option of no lock in contracts!
Its perfect for people who are starting a new healthy lifestyle and need someone to get them going, someone who wants to learn some new recipes and cooking skills or someone who just wants an easy  plan to follow with all instructions and shopping lists provided.

Whats Included?

Access to the 3Speed Platform / App

Self Adjustable Plan

Recipe Library

Recipe Videos

Printable Shopping Lists

Option To Link To Exercise / Training Plan

Access to the 3Speed Forum

Access to the 3Speed Resources & Education


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Want a Custom Nutrition Plan? 

Email 3Speed now to chat with a 3Speed Coach / Accredited Nutrition Provider



How are 3Speed nutrition plans different to other coaching businesses? 

3Speed nutrition plans include education and support via our app / platform. You can also have complete control over your nutrition plan and swap out meals for other recipes in our library of similar values. You can access your training plan and all of these resources from any smart phone or computer!

Do I have to be a 3Speed member to purchase a nutrition plan? 

The nutrition plan includes education and support via the 3Speed app / platform which is for members only. You will have the option to sign up to a "fixed term" membership or an ongoing monthly membership. 
Note: If you cancel your monthly membership during the nutrition plan period you will not get access to the nutrition plan as it is only accessible via the app / platform. 

Have more questions?

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