Online Training Plans

3Speed has a large range of health / fitness and endurance sports training plans!
Purchasing a training plan allows you to train with us on a structured program at a lower price point with no lock in contracts. Its perfect for people who want to learn something new or are training for a short term goal or sports event.


Select a category below to find the right training plan for you

Weight Loss, Tone & Shape, Muscle Gain, Cardio Endurance & more

Triathlon, Swimming, Cycling, Running and
Sport Specific Functional Strength.




How are 3Speed training plans different to other coaching businesses? 

3Speed training plans include education and support via our app / platform which includes access to all of the resources such as; video's, tips, articles, recipes, forum & more. You can access your training plan and all of these resources from any smart phone or computer!

Do I have to be a 3Speed member to purchase an online training program? 

The training plan includes education and support via the 3Speed app / platform which is for members only. You will have the option to sign up to a "fixed term" membership or an ongoing monthly membership. 
Note: If you cancel your monthly membership during the training plan period you will not get access to the training plan as it is only accessible via the app / platform. 

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